Consultants in Strategic Planning and Implementation
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· Location extension and re-location

The development of new markets/locations in a period of growing globalisation has significance also for medium-size corporations. TKA assist in the planning and implementation of this objective, national and international. TKA's network of experts will provide valuable knowledge on locations, regional cultures and customs, facts and data which are not readily available 'in-house'.

If you are planning to establish yourself in Germany, Switzerland or in another country of the European Union or you are seeking a joint venture partner - TKA will develop for you alternative Strategies according to your Objectives. TKA will search for the optimum location, having the appropriate infrastructure, take care of any and all "red tape", support in finding qualified manpower and facilitate the contact to major

· Asia

During the next years, above average growth rates are forecast for China, India, Cambodia, Vietnam and Korea.

Chung-Tech Khov is an economic jurist and he has big experiences in the international business. He accompanies you with your business considerations.

He speaks liquidly in word an writing English, French and German as well as five Chinese dialects.

Chung-Tech Khov is an important partner for you. Particularly because of his international experience of many years in the Asian market. He knows the European as well as Asian commercial customs. He accompanies you from the aim definition up to the implementation.


Unsere Kollegin Frau Xiahong Deng ist von Beijing nach Taicang in der Nähe von Shanghai umgezogen. Die Nähe zu wichtigen Industriezentren sowie Shanghai waren dafür ausschlaggebend.

Vertretung in Agypten
Seit Juni 2019 sind wir mit unserem Kollegen NASSER Mawad auch in Ägypten vertreten. Von dort aus arbeitet Herr Mawad auch in angrenzenden nordafrikanischen Ländern, dem Iran und dem Oma


 Consultants in Strategic Planning and Implementation
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